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Yoga is control of the modifications of the mind.

 - Yoga Sutra, Patanjali

RainbowLight has been delivering yoga teacher training courses since 2015,  preparing yoga enthusiasts to become yoga professionals. We have over 280 graduates from Europe and all around the world. We are proud to have so many diverse teachers from all backgrounds. Our curriculum comprises  both ancient and modern techniques while  our approach has always been yoga as a spiritual practice. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook where we periodically announce free classes and healing sessions.


La formation se déroulera en anglais, en particulier pour les sections de philosophie et d’anatomie. Il existe un manuel en français et certaines conférences sont traduites. De plus, vous pouvez passer vos tests et examens pratiques en français. Cette formation n'est pas reconnue par pole emploi, mais nous avons un rabais «solidaire» pour les chômeurs. Merci de nous envoyer un email


Yoga Teacher Training Dates

2021(registration open)​​

  • Feb 15 - 21 ONLINE YTT, mentoring retreat (registration open ) E950

  • March 8 - 14 ONLINE YTT, mentoring retreat (registration open ) E950

  • March 22 - April 11 Biarritz, Pyrénées-Atlantique, France (full) E1600

  • April 19 - 25 ONLINE YTT, mentoring retreat (registration open ) E950

  • May 15 - June 5 Coudures, Aquitaine, France (registration open) E2250

  • June 14 - 20 ONLINE YTT, mentoring retreat (registration open ) E950

  • July 3- 24 Coudures, Aquitaine, France  (registration open) E2500

  • Aug 7 - 28 Coudures, Aquitaine, France  (registration open) E2500

  • Sept 11 - Oct. 2 Coudures, Aquitaine, France  (registration open) E2250

  • Oct 11 - 31 Biarritz, Pyrénées-Atlantique, France  (registration open) E1600

  • Nov 15 - Dec 5 Biarritz, Pyrénées-Atlantique, France  (registration open) E1600

**please note: to join the ONLINE YTT, you must complete the self-paced yoga online teacher training course


May 15-June 5, 2021 (E2150 + E100 registration)

July 3-24, 2021 (E2400 + E100 registration)

Aug 7-18, 2021 (E2400 + E100 registration)

Sept 11-Oct 2, 2021 (E2150 + E100 registration)

Quiet, peaceful secluded retreat home. It's all about going back to nature and back to simple living. Residential yoga teacher training, food and board included. Yoga Alliance certification. Hatha-Vinyasa. Chakra. Read the recent reviews to see if this training is right for you. Single room available. Go to Coudures page


March 22- April 11, 2021 (E1500 + E100 registration)

Oct 11-31, 2021 E1500 + E100 registration)

Nov 8-28, 2021 E1500 + E100 registration)

Non-residential yoga teacher training in the stylish, elegant, historic and iconic seaside town of Biarritz. Monday to Friday classroom learning. Then enjoy weekends off to enjoy the sea, sand and sun. Maybe even learn to surf. Yoga Alliance certification. Hatha-Vinyasa.  

Go to Biarritz Page


hear from our graduates on the reviews page


lead instructor

ERYT 500 Yoga Alliance

Senior Yoga Teacher

Yoga Alliance Professionals

Yoga Practitioners Network

Serena or Sunshine as she is called, has been teach­ing yoga for over 15 years and practicing for longer. She is reg­is­tered with Yoga Alliance as eRYT-​200,  Level 3 Yoga Teacher on the Reg­is­ter of Exer­cise Pro­fes­sion­als in the UK and is an accomplished teacher trainer.

She com­pleted yoga teacher train­ing in Rishikesh, in the foothills of the Himalayas under yogi Vishvketu of Akhandha Yoga and advanced 300hr training with Shir Shemesh (Dharma Yoga and Sivananda Yoga), Advanced 300hr in Ashtanga with Yoga Vimoksha, India

Sun­shine embarked on a for­mal study of Tibetan Bud­dhism and com­pleted the Asian Clas­sics Insi­tute 18 courses. She has received teach­ings in sutra and tantra.

Bachelors Degree in Psychology

Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Certificate in Neuro Linguistic Programming

Certificate in Hypnotherapy

Reiki and Energy Healing

Vortex Healing 

hobbies include : merlin wizardry and bee swarm simulator!

In Coudures, in the summer months, the lead instructor Serena Ross is supported by other teachers, some auxillary and some co-lead teachers whose names do not appear here as they are different teachers in each training. If you wish more information on co-teacher bios, please send us an email to glen@rainbowlightyoga.com

Adeline Boissard

Je m´appelle Adeline, j´ai 34 ans, je suis Franco-Espagnole et professeure de yoga depuis 4 ans.

J´ai pratiqué et appris différents styles comme l´ashtanga, le hatha, le vinyasa, le yin, le jivamukti, l'acroyoga ect... Jusqu`à ce que je décide de me former et de faire ma première formation de professeur de yoga 200 heures à Barcelone en 2016. 

J´ai directement commencé à donner des cours dans des studios de yoga, des centres de vacances et camps de surfs dans différents pays et j´ai aussi organisé mes propres classes. J´aime la richesse de ce travail pour me permettre de m'adapter à chacun et faire découvrir les bienfaits du yoga pour tous.


Je me suis aussi formée à la méditation en pleine conscience MBSR (Mindfulness of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) et à la méditation bouddhiste après une retraite de 11 jours au Sri Lanka, au prenatal and post natal et à travers des workshops le yoga pour les enfants. En ce début 2020 d'année j´ai aussi eu la chance de pouvoir voyager dans le sud de l´Inde pour continuer à me former avec un YTT de 300 heures. 


Aujourd´hui je vis entre Barcelone ma région d'origine et le pays basque ma région "d'adoption" que j'adore pour sa proximité à l´océan et la nature :) J´ai commencé à travailler avec l´école Rainbowlight yoga depuis juillet 2020 en assistant Sunshine pour ses formations. 

Watch this introduction video to Yoga Alliance
teacher training France by RainbowLight Yoga

RainbowLight Yoga

Yoga means "union". For us this means uniting and returning to your natural state of freedom, full of creativity and love. For us, yoga is a life journey and a wonderful tool for living. By the end of the yoga teacher training course, you will solid foundational knowledge of yoga, practice and experience. Teaching practice is important to us. For this reason, we have built progressive practicums to hep students gain confidence and develop their teaching skills.


"Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodha"

Yoga is control of the thoughtwaves of the mind

- Patanjali, Yoga Sutra

Foundational Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum Overview

As a graduate of our Yoga Teacher Training (YTT200) Programme, you will be able to register as RYT200 (Registered Yoga Teacher 200hr) with Yoga Alliance. The 200hr Yoga Teacher Training is a foundational training following the core curriculum set by Yoga Allliance. What you will learn during this training:


Techniques, Training and Practice

  • Asana (modifications and adaptations)                

  • Pranayama techniques                

  • Meditation techniques                

  • Subtle Body work (nadis and chakras)    

Teach­ing Method­ol­ogy 

  • effective sequencing                

  • teaching techniques                

  • teaching multi-level participants                

  • classroom management                

  • communication, cuing and adjustments                

  • introduction to yoga for special populations: older adults, pregnant women, children    

  • Safety practices    

Anatomy and Physiology

  • introduction to biomechanics

  • avoiding injury

  • nervous system

  • musculoskeletal system

  • respiratory system

  • digestive system

  • current research on yoga                               

Professional Essentials 

  • Scope of practice                

  • Healthy boundaries                

  • Professionalism                

  • Introduction to business and marketing                

Yoga Phi­los­o­phy, History and Humanities           

  • Introduction to the Yoga Sutra (Patanjali)                

  • introduction to the the Vedas, Upanishads and ancient practices                

  • Introduction to the Bhagavad Gita                

  • Introduction to ayurveda and jyotish/indian astrology                

  • Autobiography of a Yogi (Paramahansa Yogananda)                

 Practicum (at the minimum for each training, each student will deliver two 30 minute classes and two 1 hour classes)    


In Coudures, in the summer months, the lead instructor Serena Ross is supported by other teachers, some auxillary and some co-lead teachers whose names do not appear here as they are different teachers in each training. If you wish more information on co-teacher bios, please send us an email to glen@rainbowlightyoga.com

Here are some things to do to prepare yourself for the course:
*If you do not yet have a regular meditation practice yet, please start now (about 7-10 minutes a day for beginners, 10-20minutes a day for progressing students).

*Please read The Yoga Sutras of Master Patanjali (I recommend the commentaries by Swami Sachidananda) and the Bhagavad Gita (I suggest that you read this in full and original text instead of commentary) and finally the Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda

*Watch our tutorials on our YouTube Channel

* If you are not confident in your practical skills, you can consider taking our online course, totally free before enrolling in the in-person teacher training


Please have a look at our school policies documents here. (Code of Ethics and Conduct Guidance, Tuition and Refund Policy, Attendance Policy, Grievance Policy, Harassment and Retaliation Policy)

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